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After a thirty-five year career at “60 Minutes”, and “CBS Reports”, as an editor, writer, associate producer and producer, Steve Sheppard retired to focus on teaching and writing. Now working free-lance, Steve brings those years of experience in all phases of short and long form documentary story telling, to whatever project he is involved in.

Steve has programs he has edited in the Museum of Broadcasting as well as a network Craft Emmy for editing Andy Lack and Dan Rather’s “Inside Afghanistan”. His work has helped garner myrid production awards, including the Colombia DuPont, The Overseas Press Club, and the Golden Eagle. Steve also brings with him his experience and skill as a writer with a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. In addition he has the experience of teaching Producing the Magazine, (or “60 Minutes”) Format for fifteen years, literally around the world in workshops from Beijing to Bogota, (see teaching resume). Besides the many, many stories he has edited, he has produced award winning “60 Minutes” pieces on subjects as varied as stock car racing’s Richard Petty, to the potential for combat stress in the Iraq war.

Along the way, and over the years, Steve has worked with some of the best reporters and writers in the broadcast journalism business, including Don Hewitt and Mike Wallace and edited Emmy Award pieces as varied as profiles of Presidential candidate Bob Dole to reports on US soldiers who were Mustard Gas victims in WW II. Along the way, he has watched and learned and gained experience the only way you can, by being there. Give him a call, maybe some of that experience can be put to work for you.




Producer, Writer, Editor


Producer, Writer, Editor

   Producer, Writer, Editor


King Richard

Harry Reasoner visits Richard Petty and his world of stock car racing.
(rebroadcast as a “60 Minutes” Classic and an ESPN Classic)

Shell Shock

Mike Wallace investigates combat stress in a "conventional" war. (w/ Charlie Thompson)


Associate Producer, Editor


GENES, Ed Bradley
investigates privacy of medical records in Iceland, produced by Ruth Streeter

looks at the biomedical research conflict, produced by Charlie Thompson

Sharks Don't Get Cancer, Mike Wallace

examens a new, natural, cancer treatment

Editor - 60 Minutes

Inside Afghanistan, Dan Rather

visits the Mujahidin fighting the Russians, produced by Andy Lack. The first report on the war by US media, from inside the country. NETWORK EMMY, BEST EDITING.

Charlie Did It, Harry Reasoner

goes to Afghanistan with Congressman Charlie Wilson and visits the Mujahidin. Produced by George crile. This story became the feature film, "Charlie Wilson's War", with Tom Hanks. 

Arthur Miller, Mike Wallace

profiles the award-winning playwright, produced by Jim Jackson. NETWORK EMMY, BEST INTERVIEW.

Heartbreak Hotel, Ed Bradley

visits a New York City welfare hotel, produced by Allan Maranes. NETWORK EMMY, BEST INVESTIGATIVE STORY.

Bob Dole of Kansas, Steve Kroft

profiles the majority leader, produced by Frank Devine. NETWORK EMMY, BEST INTERVIEW.


CBS Reports


The Best Little Statehouse in Texas

an inside look at the Texas State Legislature with Special Correspondent, playwright Larry King,

Producer Phil Burton

Brown vs Board of Education

Ed Bradley's report on racial integration in the north.
COLUMBIA-DUPONT AWARD, Phil Burton, Producer, Howard Stringer, Executive Producer

The American-Isreal Connection

Correspondent Andy Lack looks at the connection between
American Jews and Israel. Phil Burton, Producer, Andy Lack, Executive Producer

PBS Frontline


The Old Man and the Gun

Michael Flannery and his IRA background play out against New
York's St. Patrick's Day Parade. Phil Burton, Producer, David Fanning, Executive Producer

Feature Films

The Marijuana Affair

Calvin Lockhart stars in this action film directed by Bill Greaves

Killing Uncle Tito

a serial killer roams the French countryside, directed by Michael Hofstein


a homicidal maniac loose in the crematorium, directed by Orestes Matacena

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