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Letters and Awards


One of the joys of being the Executive Producer of 60 MINUTES for more than 30 years was working with Steve Sheppard who did yeoman work as one of the broadcast's most valuable Producer/Editors. 

Don Hewitt

Executive Producer, 60 Minutes

I worked closely with Steve Sheppard at 60 Minutes for more than 20 years where he was a film and videotape editor, and where he produced stories and also worked as an associate producer. His work was exemplary. 

Phil Scheffler

Senior Producer, 60 Minutes

I've worked with Steve Sheppard the past 20 years; he's been, for me, a writer, editor, associate producer and producer. During that time, I've come to admire his understanding of what makes a good story, plus his ability to structure that story into a clearly told broadcast piece. 

Mike Wallace

Senior Correspondent, 60 Minutes


Steve Sheppard has been teaching the 60 Minutes Style Documentary Workshohere at THE INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION AND FILM WORKSHOPS, as well as a

workshop in editing the TV Documentary for the past 8 years. His classes are for working professionals looking to hone their skills...He brings to his classes a deep

knowledge of the industry and the process of documentary story telling, along with a huge amount of infectious energy.

David H. Lyman

The (Rockport, Maine) International Film & Television WORKSHOPS

Founder and President

I am so pleased to write this letter to recommend Mr. Stephen Sheppard and the  workshop in producing the magazine format. Ive known him since 2001, when he was invited to our school to hold two one week TV news magazine workshops which later ended up as five annual projects.... Most important, almost all the participants were from either China Central Television or provincial TV newsrooms, representing the top TV news level in China; but even in the eyes of this choosey audience, Stephen was still the best kind of real instructor and what he brought to them was still the very kind of thing that will really inspire their future careers. Thats why the workshop was extended year after year, until almost all the provincial TV senior new producers had been trained. Ant thats why one of the

CCTV news producers said, "Steve actually changed the landscape of China's news magazine shows."

... I whole-heartedly recommend Mr. Stephen Sheppard to you. I

believe he will make a major contribution to your program

Xiangmin Zeng

Professor and Associate Dean of TV School


Beijing, China

Dear Steve,
First of all, let me thank you very much for the wonderful workshop you gave us all in Bogota.  It was an amazing experience. After you left we did an A to Z so that there's no chance that we forget anything you told us, the most important of all: the keep it simple phrase is now our motto.
It really was a great idea to bring you down to Colombia.

Maria Elvira Arango Pardo

Executive Producer, Los Informantes
CARACOL Television

Bogota, Colombia


I’m Nicolás Reyes, a TV producer that works in the industry 7 years ago. I had a way to work the way that I learned in my experience, but when Steve teach me about how to do

a journalist job and how to write it, all that I learned was nothing. In 1 week, I learned more than 2 years of experience, because Steve know how to teach, and with his

experience, (40 years), he show you and remember you all the time that you need to keep the things simple, so the message of your work dont lose power. Was a great experience, and Steve is a great person! I had so much fun and i learned so much on that week, that after 5 years of my training with him, I still use all of his tips and they work wonderful.

Nicolas Reyes

Producer, Los Informantes


Bogota, Colombia

Frenchman and already a seasoned reporter for the AP,

I had come to Steves CBS 60 Workshop’ solely for developing my knowledge on U.S TV style of reporting: not only did I found a vast new field of techniques and insider tricks , but I also discovered and come to appreciate a wonderful human being who, with his dry NY sense of humour, made the whole experiment a total game changer in my perception of TV news and artful


Dominique Christian Mollard

Television Allemande ZDF

Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen

I thoroughly enjoyed Steven’s class, during which I learned a lot about journalism and different media. The class provided plenty of opportunities to put the lessons learned into practice, and I believe that it made me a better writer and thinker. The experience reignited my interest in journalism and inspired me to take more classes at NYU ... In retrospective, I really appreciated the opportunity to learn about the nuts and bolts of

journalism, and as long as there are quality journalists a

nd instructors such as Stephen, I am optimistic and hopeful for the future of the profession and the press... Many of the

key lessons and tips on doing quality research, writing, story

telling, and editing have stayed with me, literally. I get to apply them frequently in my job as a nonprofit executive, where telling our story is vitally important to advance our mission. I would love to take another class with Stephen.

Marc Rahlves

Chief Operating Officer

Nuru International


Inside Afghanistan, "60 Minutes",
                                 Correspondent, Dan Rather, 

                                 Produced by Andy Lack

 Brown vs. Board of Education, “CBS Reports”, Editor
                                    Corespondent Ed Bradley. 

                                    Produced by Phil Burton

NETWORK BROADCAST EMMYS, "60 Minutes", Editor, including;
 Arthur Miller, Correspondent, Mike Wallace,
                                      Produced by Jim Jackson

                   Bob Dole of Kansas, Correspondent, Steve Kroft,
                                     Produced by Frank Devine

                   Heartbreak Hotel, Correspondent, Ed Bradley,
                                     Produced by Allan Maranes

                   Mustard Gas, Correspondent, Mike Wallace,
                                      Produced by Charley Thompson III

The General, “60 Minutes”, Editor,
                                  Correspondent, Ed Bradley, 

                                  Produced by George Crile

MUSEUM OF BROADCASTING, Permanent Collection,
 George Burns, "60 Minutes", Editor,
                                 Correspondent, Ed Bradley, 

                                 Produced by Ruth Streeter

   What Shall I Do With My Time, Writer-Editor,
                                 New York Life Insurance Company

A Place To Play, Produced by Steve Sheppard

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