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Stephen Sheppard is an adjunct professor of journalism in the NYU School of Professional Studies. Now retired after a thirty-five year career at CBS News, he brings to the classroom a wealth of experience, principally with“60 Minutes” and before that, “CBS Reports”. An Emmy Award winning editor and occasional producer, with an MA in creative writing, he has taught courses and given one and two week workshops in journalism and reporting and writing, literally, around the world. He has taught at the Communications University of China, in Beijing, CARACOL TV in Bogota, Colombia, and at the Singapore Media Academy in Singapore. Here at home his teaching credits include the Maine Media Workshops, the University of California and Florida State University. For the past fifteen years he has been teaching researching, reporting and writing, for broadcast and print, at NYU SPS.

Class in Beijing 

Reporting, Researching, and Writing in the News

This course is designed to give aspiring journalists a better understanding of what is involved in researching, reporting and writing the news. While we will cover everything from what is news, to the history of news, and the state of the news business today, we will emphasize writing the news. We will research and write investigative pieces and profiles on a weekly basis, explore print and broadcast news reporting, have guest lecturers, do reading, do exercises and have a closer look at print and broadcast news itself. The goal is, for the class, at the end of the semester, to be better writers.

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NYU Class

Producing the Magazine Format

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The Magazine Format is a longstanding staple

of broadcast journalism. “60 Minutes” and “48 Hours”

use the format because it works; it is a good way to tell a story. This hands on workshop, focuses on producing stories.

Everything from what makes a good story to shooting the studio opening are part of what this course is about. It is for journalists on all levels, a chance to find and produce a real news story in the magazine format. Working with Stephen Sheppard, editor and producer at “60 Minutes” for twenty-five years, the class finds stories, writes questions, shoot interviews then edits it all into a seamless, compelling stories.


To better understand what makes a story seamless and compelling, we will screen and deconstruct “60 Minutes” pieces edited or produced by Professor Sheppard. One result can be a useful audition

tape, with you in front or behind the camera. The idea is to learn by doing and you will do it all.

Student Work

The video is a series of the first four minutes of pieces from various workshops I have taught. I think the four minutes is enough to get a feel for the story telling, which is what the exercise is all about.

Some of the shooting is flat, it is not about the shooting, it is about the story. In the workshop, the pieces are usually around eight minutes.


Keep in mind that these are student pieces and three of the four, one and two week workshops.


NYU School Of Continuing Education

Adjunct Professor; 15 years, “News Reporting and Writing” and “Legal and Ethical Issues in Journalism” and “Producing the Magazine Format

Beijing, China - Communications University of China

5 years, Hands on Workshops and Lectures in Producing the Magazine Format

Misc. China - Communications University of China

Lecture series on international journalism. Also lectures at CCTV and Fujin TV.

Rockport, Maine - Rockport Media Workshops

8 years, Workshops in “Producing the Magazine Format; “Editing the Television Documentary”

Bogota, Columbia - CARACOL TV

Production Workshop for CARCOL producers

Singapore, Singapore - Media Academy

One week workshop in Producing the Magazine Format

NYU, Tisch School of the Arts

Adjunct Professor, 2 years, Editing the Documentary

California State University Summer Arts Festival

Workshop in Producing the Magazine Format


Palos Heights, Illinois - Primary Focus Productions

2 years, TV Magazine Production, Lecture and workshops, (also, script consultant)

Fresno, California - California State University

Workshop in story telling

Florida State University

Visiting Adjunct Professor, 3 years, Workshops and Lectures in Producing and Editing for Broadcast Journalism.

Savannah, Georgia - Savannah College of Art and Design

Graduate Review Committee, Chair: Cinematography and Film Production Professor, Michael Hofstein

Little Rock, Arkansas - Documentary Film Workshops

For local high school students and faculty, Three years, sponsored by the Arkansas Department of Education, at Hot Springs, Arkansas

Bogota, Columbia - Peace Corps

Two years, producing Fourth Grade Social Science programs, in Spanish.


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